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Short Wave Diathermy
Known for its high success rate, the offered Short Wave Diathermy is reliable medical equipment that can relieve sports injuries and orthopaedic complications. It is also used as a part of physiotherapy process. Its non invasive treatment method minimizes the possibility of infection. Fast healing method and low cost treatment process are some of its key features.
Traction Therapy Equipment & Beds
Traction Therapy Equipment & Beds with microcontroller circuit based mechanism are appreciated for their precise design and user friendly handling method. Widely used in health care sector for physiotherapy purpose, these can be obtained in different pre programmed therapy based parameters. The offered items are truly effective in treating spinal injuries.
Electrotherapy Equipment
Electrotherapy Equipment is used for generating electronic pulse to remove fat cells from body via improving metabolic function. It is widely used for enhancing skin elasticity level, for losing extra body weight and also for body shaping purposes. This machine consists of microcomputer controller and frequency scanning circuit for its precise operation.
Wax Bath & Hydrocollator
Wax Bath & Hydrocollator have extensive applications in health care arena for their effective treatment of joint stiffness, joint pain and tissue inflammation. Standard grade stainless steel sheets are used to design these medical systems. The fully insulated structure of these user friendly products helps to reduce their electricity usage rate.
Laser Therapy Equipment
The provided Laser Therapy Equipment is truly beneficial for curing arthritic pain, sports wounds and post surgical injuries. Known for its fast healing method, this medical equipment is instrumental in inserting photons in pain infused body parts. The penetrated photons are instrumental in accelerating normal functioning of pain affected body cells.
Slimmer Therapy Equipment
Slimmer Therapy Equipment utilizes mono phasic and bi phasic currents for effective losing of extra body weight. Besides enhancing blood circulation, this equipment is useful for enhancing metabolic function for losing extra fat without affecting normal operation of body organs. This equipment has extensive application in health care arena for treating cellulite.
Rehabilitation Therapy Equipment
Rehabilitation Therapy Equipment is basically used to enhance physical fitness of patients suffering from muscle strain, joint pain or any type of body injury. The advanced design of this equipment is useful for enhancing blood circulation level which is important for normal activities of human body. Precise design and cost effectiveness are its key attributes.
Occupational Therapy Equipment
Occupational Therapy Equipment has a crucial role in improving fingers and hand movement of patients of arthritis, stroke, autism and different types of injuries. This type of equipment uses non toxic grade materials as part of its treatment process. Its easy to comprehend mechanism and convenient usage method have made it the perfect rehabilitation therapeutic medium.
Interferential Therapy Machines
Interferential Therapy Machines are effective in treating arthritic pain, body pain and sports injuries. These machines use intermittent pulses for reducing inflammatory complications and swelling of pain infused parts of human body. Their treatment procedures involve different types of exercises for normal movement of stiff joints and strain affected muscles.
TENS Machines
TENS Machines use electrical current based pain treatment procedure. The used electric current prevents pain signal transmission process of nerve. These are also effective in stimulating releasing of several pain relieving hormones from motor nerve. These machines need to be used by consulting with medical professionals and special care should be taken in case the patient has pacemaker or is suffering from epilepsy before using these machines.
Ultrasonic Therapy Units
Ultrasonic Therapy Units are used as essential parts of pain therapy management, neuro muscular and musculo skeletal ailments. These precisely developed machines consist of central digital circuit and different adjustable parameters. Accurate dimension, easy sifting facility, error free operation, durable ABS made structure and easy to read LCD display screen are their key characteristics.
Physiotheraphy Equipment
Physiotherapy Equipment is available for different conditions that only physiotherapists can operate. This equipment is also available out there that can treat multiple disorders or conditions as well as can be operated by a layman at home. This equipment is effective as well as economical too.
Combo Therapy Equipment
Combo Therapy Equipment is manufactured using supreme quality components and advanced tools & machines. Our offered product is widely used in the applications like low frequency, ultrasound, multi-skilled treatment. This equipment involves the simultaneous application of ultrasound with an electrical stimulation therapy.
IFT Vacuum Therapy Unit
IFT Vacuum Therapy Unit uses a non-invasive massaging technique that helps to lift your skin via a mechanical device equipped with suction cups. This unit help treat burn scars, this treatment has evolved into a nonsurgical butt lift method. The unit offers more than just secure placement of electrodes.
Physio Equipment Repair Services & Accessories
Physio Equipment Repair Services & Accessories are provided by our company to our customers for their ease at work. We do have a team of expert engineers that are dedicated to provide you best in class medical equipment repairing in a very timely manner at best prices.
Physiotherapy Shoulder Wheel And Pulley
Physiotherapy Shoulder Wheel and Pulley offered are an apparatus that's hooked over the top of a door, with a small pulley system near the top, and a rope with handles that hangs down from the pulley. These instruments are easy to install as well simple to operate.
Ultrasonic Equipment
Ultrasonic Equipment is fabricated with the help of basic raw material and advanced technology in strict adherence to the set industrial norms. This equipment is tried on various parameters by our quality controllers assuring their flawlessness. This is applicable for testing material in various industries.
Continuous Passive Motion Equipment
Continuous Passive Motion Equipment is used to help rehabilitate a limb. This equipment constantly moves the knee through a range of motion for a period of time while the patient relaxes. This equipment is a device that slowly and gently moves your joint while you are in bed.
Muscle Stimulator Diagnostic
Muscle Stimulator Diagnostic is used to achieve many effects including strengthening and re-education of muscle, reduction of oedema, relief of pain and would repair. This stimulator diagnostic uses electrical impulses to cause muscles to contract, which in turn helps your muscles become stronger.
Sundom Laser is a fast, drug free, non-invasive solution to help you get back to enjoying life. Laser therapy is a revolutionary treatment option that is providing not only fast pain relief from all kinds of pain diseases but also lasting pain relief from long-term ailments often responsible for years of suffering.

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